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Stand out of the crowd online.

Become VISIBLE to the right people.
Share your message with the world.

You can do it, and I can help!

You've finally decided to put yourself "out there", but you don't know where to start, how to proceed, or how to tell that you're on the right track.


Nobody was born knowing how to build a personal brand.

They don't teach it in school, or even at graduate trainee programs.

You've actually tried, but it seems all the info out there is about logos, fonts, or stalking people online in the name of networking.

You know what you want, THOUGH.

As much as you want the awareness and attention, authenticity is also important to you.

You want visibility and credibility, but without losing your integrity or feeling like you're selling your soul.

Signs you can no longer ignore

  • You wake up pumped, energized, and finally decide to build your online presence - only to realize that there's no roadmap to this thing, so you give up.
  • You take your much needed break from social media, and are never sure how to get back. In fact, you secretly wish you didn't have to come back, because you're not sure what to say, how to say it, or if anyone is even listening.
  • You've researched "personal branding", read all the tips, and even though they sound nice in theory, they are either too shallow, or too unrelated to produce any real results.


Personal Branding Workshop

Your step-by-step road map for a purposeful and profitable personal brand

No matter how crowded your industry is, you can now share your knowledge, skills and message with those who need it the most in a way that they will pay attention and pay you to help them.

Get the Clarity + Confidence to Build your Brand and Grow your Influence

You'll get the clarity & confidence to build a personal brand you love..

  • Even if... you feel unqualified
  • Even if.. you don't know how to create your content and the best way to share it
  • Even if.. you're reluctant about Personal Branding because you don't like "hype"
  • Even if.. you're multi-talented and can't figure out which part of you to focus on

Get instant access to the only course you need to build a Personal Brand you love. Complete, proven, and simple-to-implement road map:

Your competitive advantage

Use this program to Stand out, Grow your audience, and land opportunities you hope and pray for.

Rigorously tested

The 5D Personal Branding Framework has been proven by 500+ paying clients in various niches, across several industries.

Complete & Concise

Curriculum, Templates, & Real FAQs extracted from 3 coaching sessions, with people like you.

Perfect for Multi-passionate people

Learn How to define, describe and deliver your personal brand when you're multi-talented, and interested in several things.

What people are saying about the program..


Accounting Professional

Clarity, check!
Confidence, check!!

When I signed up for Personal Branding Workshop, I wanted 2 things: I wanted clarity and I needed to gain confidence. So far, I can confidently say that I’m confident now and I have more clarity. This course showed me how to craft and share my perspectives, as well as build a following. 


Product Manager and Travel Designer

Actionable and Widely-Applicable

Tolu's Personal Branding Workshop demystifies personal branding into concrete and actionable steps that anyone can take. I particularly love how applicable it is to a wide range of businesses.


Special Needs Educator

Confidence to Show Up

With my personal brand, I didn’t know where to start from. Personal Branding Workshop built confidence in me. I love that you made it so simple, anyone can understand. I now have clarity on what I want and know how to share my thoughts. People are now responding and looking forward to me showing up.

What you'll Learn:

Show up with clarity, Stand out confidently and Attract the right opportunities, no matter your age, location, or personality type.


Module 1 - Dream Out Loud

  • Align your personal branding goals with your big dreams
  • The secret weapon for overnight confidence (which virtually everyone ignores)
  • The 2 types of Fear you need to recognize and how to use them (instead of pretending they don't exist)
  • What to do if you're not an “expert,” and how to get over Imposter Syndrome
  • TIME SAVER: Personal Brand Manifesto for documenting your dream and making sure you never go off-track again.


Module 2 - Discover Your Uniqueness

  • How to audit your online presence, and uncover your real reputation
  • Uncover your real skills, identify the impact you have on people, and use it to your advantage
  • The true personal branding secret of successful CEOS - it's not "leadership"
  • How to build a personal brand as a multi-talented person
  • Why you don't need a "Grass-to-grace" story and the 3 routes you can take to tell your personal story
  • TIME SAVER: Online Presence Alignment Plan to help you start building your online presence already.


Module 3 - Define Your Unique Value

  • How to attract important people who can't wait to give you their time and attention
  • Avoid the #1 Personal Branding mistake that smart people make mindlessly
  • How to make people want whatever you're selling - even in a crowded industry
  • Use the 3 pillars of value to stand out and connect with those who need you
  • TIME SAVER: The exact scripts for talking about yourself, without sounding awkward, spammy, or desperate.


Module 4 - Design how you'll reach your audience

  • How to reach your own audience and make them like you at first glance
  • Exact steps to package yourself so that you can attract quality people
  • Define your content pillars, and create a personal content strategy
  • Break through the noise and build your online presence — even in a crowded field
  • TIME SAVER: Specific tools to create your unique identity and differentiate yourself from others who do what you do - this is the secret to you preferring some brands without even knowing why.


Module 5 - Deliver your Uniqueness

  • How to put yourself out there and grow your brand successfully
  • Build a passionate tribe of people who follow and promote your work
  • The 3Cs of growing your audience and nurturing powerful relationships with them
  • The visibility circle that fuels the growth of your personal brand
  • The steps you need to take to Monetize and Create wealth from your personal brand
  • TIME SAVER: Introduction template for making your social media comeback & Storytelling formula to communicate your value in a relatable and engaging way

Your Personal Brand Strategist, Tolu Michaels

I started at sub-zero in February 2017, when I suddenly lost my job. I had just gotten married and moved to a new city, where nobody knew I even existed, talk less hired me to do anything.

I knew I had to stand out online to get the kind of customers I wanted and also to impact lives without having to travel all the time.

Today, I've trained 1000s of entrepreneurs online and we have paid clients from over a dozen countries. I wake up to credit alerts from people who have never met me. Clients call me to pray for me, send thank you notes and even give me gifts because of the results I've gotten for them.
I book clients months ahead so that there's never a dry month in my business, while I have enough time to spend with my daughter.

By building my personal brand, I've built a business where I earn enough to support my lifestyle, hire help and give to causes I care about.

But all this is not really about me. I created this course to help you.

When people are familiar with your personal brand, they are more likely to hire you, pay more for your time, and invite you for profitable partnerships.

Networking alone will not do the job. Posting on Social media alone cannot help you. This is the mistake most people make. They focus heavily on Instagram and chase LinkedIn connections without understanding.

Personal branding makes social media work for you, not the other way round.

And it doesn't have to take years to build your personal brand. 

>> That's why I created Personal Branding Workshop: to fast-track the process. >>

Enroll TODAY and join us inside.


Digital Marketing Consultant

My favorite thing about Tolu's teaching style is that she breaks down complex ideas till they become really simple and completely achievable. She's not only able to show you what, she also shows you how.

Abraham Owoseni

Life Skills Expert

I didn't only get a Digital Educator in Tolu Michaels, I got a Business Coach, Mentor and a Friend. Tolu is a dynamic teacher, she slices complex things in a way that can be easily comprehended plus she is genuinely friendly.

Bunmi Oduah

Founder, Things I wish I knew Before

There's something about getting into the space of someone who knows their stuff. Tolu, you know your stuff. The way you take time to make things clear to me about my brand and how to move forward is just special.

Everything You’ll Get When You Sign Up


These lessons cover the EXACT step-by-step process I've used to help my private clients launch their personal brands, grow their influence online and generate more than N10 million in sales.

$1,000 Value
WorkBOOKS that actually WORK

Straight-to-point Mind maps, Checklists, and Toolkits for daily Personal Branding progress. Including specific questions to ask when auditing your personal brand now or in the future.

$400 Value

During those live calls, I tackled tough questions about brand positioning and shared secrets to help you move forward with your personal brand. You get replays

$1,000 Value
BONUS 1: Rapid Content Generator

Start creating relevant & relatable content immediately, even if you're not creative, popular or interesting. This alone is worth being sold separately.

$100 Value

Use storytelling to build brand authority and nurture relationships with your audience. Includes specific tactics for finding, recording and telling your stories.

$150 Value
BONUS 3: STAND OUT ON Social Media

How to use social media to position yourself as an expert, grow your audience and create a pipeline of high-quality customers.

$150 Value

Total Value: $2,800

Total Investment: Only a Fraction

Let's Go!

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  • Build your personal brand
  • Stand out in your industry
  • Attract the best clients & opportunities - with greater ease, while impacting more lives than you ever imagined.

Attract "the best" with greater ease, while impacting more lives than you ever imagined.


Family Systems Expert

So graceful and just right!

I’m so glad I went through Personal Branding Workshop because I got to see your magic! It was exactly what I needed. Also, your teaching style, voice, quality, presentation everything just vibes so well with me. It’s not aggressive, but it’s also not complacent, it’s just right. So graceful and real not fake or forced or coerced. Just natural.



Systematic goodies!

I struggled with visibility online and knowing how to put myself out there, but not anymore. Personal Branding Workshop was interesting, helpful, and delivered in a systematic way. I particularly loved the lesson on Imposter Syndrome. That cleared the way in my mind for all the goodies that were packed inside the workshop. Also, I loved the personality test. Boy! Amazing experience! I reconnected with a part of my core that would serve me at this time. I was also able to define who my primary audience is and I now know how to talk about my work.


Keynote Speaker & Author

Much Clarity & Simplicity

Before joining Personal Branding Workshop, I struggled with combining my ideas - my 2 published books, speaking engagements & my philanthropic work.
Now I know why & how to create a solid online presence, and I learnt more about myself. I loved how TM makes the content fun and engaging. Her chuckle is always quite refreshing. I also love the way she made things so much clearer and simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When & How do I get access to the material?

What kind of support would I get?

How long do I have access to the course material?

How much of my time will this program require?

How is this different from Position for Profit?

It looks good so far, but I'm on the fence

I have another question

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The Secret Sauce

You may be wondering why so many people vouch for this program. It's simple!

The secret sauce of this Personal Branding Workshop is that it gives you a formula that you can apply over and again, whenever you need to refresh or reinvent your personal brand.

That is GOLD because your brand will grow and change. In fact, statistics show that most people hold up to 5 careers in their lifetime. Who wouldn't like an investment that continues to deliver returns for years to come?

The steps in this workshop helped me bounce back from a job loss, build a thriving business, and nurture a powerful network. It would help you too, if you stop reading now, and click that "I'm Ready" button.

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