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Jumpstart your personal brand so you can position, package and promote yourself the right way.

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The 6 Personal Branding Pillars & key decisions that you must make. This is important so that you don't waste your time and focus.

The 4 revenue paths that the most successful personal brands choose & how you can do the same, to your advantage!

ROAD MAP: My 5D framework for profitable personal branding. And yes! You can start using it already.

And much more...

PS: You don't have to be creative or popular to use what is in this blueprint. It is actionable, beautiful and easy to understand. You can apply what you find right away!

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Good for reflection and clarity!

Wow. I really enjoyed reading this - you're such a force of wisdom. Those key decisions were extremely good reflective questions. The road map too. . . amazing that you have put it in stages. Much needed clarity!


Never seen anything this original

I read every single thing you sent and I must say I've never come across anything this original before. Thank you for being honest, relatable and for simplifying personal branding like this.


I see where I would have missed it

You really know your stuff and there’s so much wisdom what you shared. I recently started a business without thinking about branding and I’ve begun to see where I was going to miss it. Thank you so much Tolu


Meet your Host & Personal Brand Strategist

Tolu Michaels

In 3 years, I went from broke and unemployed to growing a thriving business, by helping entrepreneurs build their personal brands. 

Besides the results I've gotten for my clients, I've trained over 8k entrepreneurs, I serve paying clients from 12+ countries, and sit at the table with power mentors - mainly because my personal brand speaks for me.

But you know what?

You don't need to have a grass-to-grace story to achieve any kind of success. What's important is that you're visible and valuable to the people you want to help.

And that's exactly what this blueprint is about..

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