How do you launch a profitable personal brand in 7 days?

In 3 key steps: Positioning (Strategic Messaging), Packaging (Credible Presence) & Promotion (Content that Sells)

We'll show you how, in this free training.

So much value..I'd gladly pay for this!

Many free things these days are a waste of time, but not with you. There's so much value, I feel like I should have paid for this training. And I'd gladly do so! I've never regretted any time or money spent with you.



building your personal brand will help you...

  • impact lives and reach more people with your message
  • get recognized for your work
  • earn more without working round the clock
  • attract better clients, juicy opportunities and profitable partnerships

..but most brand building methods haven't worked for you

HERE's Why

After training 20K+ people online, I've seen firsthand that you can spend HOURS tweaking content, editing your website, posting dance videos, and still not grow an impactful brand.

Not every hard thing is valuable. Just because you're giving great effort doesn't mean you're working toward a great result. Embrace simplicity.

Wasting Time

If you've been talking about your brand for months, googling daily with no progress, something's wrong. It's time to do different!

Flawed Focus

Like chasing IG views & LinkedIn connections with no brand purpose. Personal branding makes social media work for you, not the other way around.

Skipping Steps

Promotions without clear positioning or credible packaging is like pouring water into a basket. That's why you're still stuck even after taking action.

This is frustrating because despite your good intentions, you still feel stuck. You see others growing their audience, making waves, and getting paid - in the same industry you know like the back of your hand. Now, you're wondering if you could ever do the same...

There's a better way.

You can launch your own profitable personal brand in 7 days - without a large audience, a fancy website, Or bubbly personality.

  • A thoughtful curriculum to take you from overwhelmed about how to build your brand to being clear, confident and ready to begin. 
  • Done-for-You PDF resources that lead you to clarity and help you create momentum, daily.
  • Copy-paste examples that work even if you're not creative.
  • Break free from the inauthentic and TOTALLY ineffective methods that make you feel lazy, slow, and 'not good enough'

Special with brand clarity!

There’s something about getting into the space of someone who knows their stuff. Tolu Michaels knows her stuff! The way she makes things clear to me about my brand and how to move things forward is just special.



Personal Branding Blueprint

A 7-day email based training designed to give you clarity, help you take action, and carve a clear path towards a purposeful & profitable brand.

A simple method to craft your brand message in your own unique voice

How to use your story to inspire and reach thousands of people

How to bake relatability and connection into your Brand from DAY 1

5+ ways to get in front of people who have never heard of you before

4 visual boosters to elevate your brand presence, even if you're in DIY mode

What the top 1% do to skyrocket their brand & build loyalty with their audience

You're in good company

Wisdom and much needed Clarity

Wow. I really enjoyed this - you're such a force of wisdom. Those key decisions were extremely good reflective questions. The road map too. . . amazing that you have put it in stages. Much needed clarity!


Never seen anything this original

I read every single thing you sent and I must say I've never come across anything this original before. Thank you for being honest, relatable and for simplifying personal branding like this.


I see where I would have missed it

You really know your stuff and there’s so much wisdom here. I recently started a business without thinking about branding and I’ve seen where I was going to miss it. Thank you so much Tolu



Personal Branding Blueprint

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Your Host & Personal Brand Strategist

I started at sub-zero in February 2017, when I suddenly lost my job. I had just gotten married and moved to a new city, where nobody knew I even existed, talk less hired me to do anything.

Today, I've trained 20,000+ entrepreneurs online, with paying clients across 5 continents. I wake up to credit alerts from people who have never met me. Clients call me to pray for me, send thank you notes and even gifts because of the results I've gotten for them.

We book clients months ahead so that there's never a dry month in the business, while I have enough time to spend with my children.

Because of my personal brand, I earn enough to support my lifestyle, hire help and give to causes I care about.

But this is not really about me. I created this training for you.

You don't need to have a grass-to-grace story to achieve any kind of success.

When people are familiar with your personal brand, they are more likely to hire you, pay more for your time, and invite you for profitable partnerships.

And it doesn't have to take years to build your personal brand.

That's why I created Personal Branding Blueprint: to fast-track the process. >>

Join us inside.

- Tolu Michaels


Your teaching style, voice, quality, everything just vibes so well with me. It’s not aggressive, but it’s also not complacent - it’s just right. So graceful and real, not fake or forced or coerced. Just natural.

Family Life Coach

I didn’t know where to start with my personal brand. I love that you made it so simple, anyone can understand. I now have clarity on what to do and how to share my thoughts. My audience is responding, and even looking forward to me showing up.


My favorite thing about Tolu's teaching style is that she breaks down complex ideas till they become really simple and completely achievable. She's not only able to show you what, she also shows you how.

Marketing Consultant

What next?

After this training, you'll have the confidence to move forward so you can finally tick "launch my personal brand" off your bucket list.

Start before you feel ready