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Make more money.
Impact lives profitably.

Learn how to use your personal brand to build an audience of buyers, package your skills/expertise, and sell it profitably. You don't have to change who you are, you don't have to be popular, and you don't need to work all day.

Piecing together random tips and tricks is not a business strategy.

Trying to figure it all out by yourself is even worse because you'll end up with a chaotic system and unpredictable income after wasting all your time.

No need to sit on the sidelines watching others succeed when you're equally capable.

No need to piece together disjointed tips and tired tricks.

My programs show you how to attract the right audience to your personal brand, get them to stick around, give you money, and tell the world about you.

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Grace Samuel

The Bride's Assistant

Thank you Tolu! For me this course was so practical and applicable. I love how you were so precise on the steps to take. I look forward to spare moments so I could listen to you and take immediate action. You encouraged me to believe more in myself and what I have to offer. You are indeed the Personal Brand Strategist every entrepreneur needs to build and launch them and their business to the world.


Build a purposeful & profitable Personal Brand

Finally get the clarity to package yourself and your business in a way that lets you charge higher prices, attract quality clients, and global opportunities!

This program is a complete, and simple-to-implement road map for building a personal brand that stands out and lands you the opportunities you hope & pray for. Opens few times a year.

Oluchi Ihekuna

Lead Physiotherapist

Personal Branding Workshop was very interesting, helpful and it was delivered in a systematic way. I particularly loved the fact that it started with the bonus course on Imposter Syndrome. That cleared the way in my mind for all the goodies that were packed inside the workshop.
Also, I loved the fact that I could do a personality test and boy! That was an amazing experience, almost “intrusive” in a good way. I took a trip back to my childhood in the process, and reconnected with a part of my core that would serve me at this time. I was reminded of my strengths and how my weaknesses make me unique. Thank you!!


Build your personal brand website & Launch your online business

This is my signature 60-day program, where you'll learn how to turn your skills into a profitable online business, and also build your personal brand website to power it. Build & Launch helps you create a business that funds your lifestyle and fits your schedule. From product validation to pitching to building your audience, and even launching your website. It's in here. Training, Support & Accountability included! Opens 2x a year.

Abraham Owoseni

Life Skills Expert

I had signed up for similar premium programs and got some form of help; but for Build & Launch, it was like a re-set, I literally found gold that was locked up within me and I could better articulate my offer and values for my personal brand. Tolu is a dynamic teacher, she slices complex things in a way that can be easily understood. The modules are super rich and easy to flow with. There's just so much value in Build and Launch. Build & Launch is still one of my best investments for the year.


Here's what to expect

What life could look like after implementing what you learn from our programs:

  • You'll attract better clients, charge higher prices, and impact lives profitably
  • You'll build your own audience of people who can't wait to buy from you
  • You'll grow your influence and reach more people with your message
  • Your online business can run on its own, while you attend to other important matters
  • People write you with Thanks and Prayers for how you've inspired and helped them


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