Become a

Go-to Leader

It's time to go from hidden gem to household name. We need more people like you showing up, standing out, and making a difference.

To grow your influence and income, you have to put in the work to become more visible and valuable to your target audience.

The only problem is...

  • There's information overload
  • Nobody has given you a plan
  • Impostor syndrome won't let you be great
  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working
  • Most courses are Boring and Ineffective
  • Some times, you feel so alone

ShowUp Circle was built around Learning, Connection and Transformation

It's an exclusive members only access to courses, coaching and accountability so you can show up as a go-to leader in your industry

When you become a member you'll get...

Every single current and future course 100% FREE.


Access to every current and future course including Content Kit, Inbox Champion, Natural Networking and more.. to help you build your brand as a leader. If it's not here, then it's not a course.


Starting right away, there are courses for you to dive into. Over the course of the year, we add more to the course library to support your journey.


Coaching Events

Every quarter, we meet for a coaching event exclusive to members only. Here we set goals for our brands and businesses, and break into goal-based mastermind groups so that no one is left behind.


Based on your goals for the quarter, you'll connect with people on the same journey with you and access resources tailored to your specific journey.


Creative Tools

Every expert, influencer or brand leader needs tools like this. Want to write your bio? There's a template for that. Need to pitch an editor, we've got a playbook for that too. Looking for the right app to achieve something, it's in the toolkit.


Playbooks, templates, and checklists so you don't have to start from scratch. every time. No expert starts from scratch.

Cool Opportunities

Visibility opportunities like podcast guest features, newsletter spotlight & speaker recommendations. Also, you get access to our exclusive Growing Together letters PLUS 10% discount to our flagship coaching programs.


We want more visibility and more opportunity for you. We'll spotlight your work through our media platforms, have you feature as a guest expert and more.

It's time to go from Hidden jewel to Household name. But you want to do it for the right reasons, and with the right people.”


You see this thing we do - creating, selling and serving people online? It's not everyone who gets it. And even those who get it, so many are struggling. If you're only looking at the hustlers & strugglers, you would think that's how it's supposed to be.

But no. Not everyone is struggling. With all your passion and wisdom, you deserve to meet more people like you. Being around the right people in this industry is VITAL for growth. You meet those right people and support system here.


You are smart and can find the answer to any question. But if you've ever seen a group of doctors smoking, then you know that information is not the problem.

A one-off course would have been enough, but not in this case. If you want to become the kind of person who shows up to use their voice and gifts to help others, you need more... More time, more tools, and more support. You get that here.

What Others Say

Tobi Otokiti

Product Manager

I really thought writing was not my strength but that changed after Tolu's course. Her voice rings in my head anytime I’m about to write. She shared examples & lists of what to share with my audience for consistent & engaging content. The course changed my mindset and till date, I use the lessons in my everyday life. 

Bunmi Akinwande

HR Consultant

There was a truckload of video lessons, tutorials, and other great content, I can't really choose a favorite. For me, I've gone over most of the lessons at least twice and I'd still do it over again just to reinforce learning. I'm glad I have unlimited access to these.

Abraham Owoseni

Life Skills Coach

I have signed up for premium programs and got some form of help; but this one was like a re-set, I literally found gold that was locked up within me and I could better articulate my offer and values for my personal brand. Tolu is a dynamic teacher.

What you'll


Become more visible, establish credibility, and attract better clients so that you can make more money and impact - without losing yourself.

  • How to use modern marketing to grow your brand and increase sales
  • How to craft and tell your personal story to build credibility
  • How to write emails that people want to open, read and buy
  • How to launch products and services profitably without tears or overwhelm
  • The 3 content seasons and tools for winning at each
  • Mindset boosts for showing up, when you're shy, quiet or introverted 
  • How to create relevant & relatable content for social media, when you're not creative or interesting
  • Keys to using the right words on your website and everywhere you show up
  • Learn the exact steps to turn your fears and anxiety to fuel, instead of ignoring them like most people do
  • Use the secrets of natural networking to 10x the quality of your social circle

Growing Together

That's the point of all this.  We have intentionally built real connection and a shared experience around this concept of growing together. We don't want to leave anyone behind. There's also:

TRANSFORMATION TOOLS: Too many people don't know where to focus. We have tools to save your brand, your energy, and your time.

BARRIER BREAKERS: We all face barriers. A saturated market, unresponsive audience, pricing hesitations. Let's handle it together

MOBILE MASTERMINDS: You won't rise to the level of your goals; you'll fall to the level of your environment. Why not curate it as needed, per time?

Everything You Get

Besides the 3 really unique things we just mentioned for growing together, here's a snapshot of what else is there...

$5,500 VALUE

Courses: ALL our current and future courses eg. Content Kit, Inbox Champion & Natural Networking

$4,000 VALUE

Coaching events: Every quarter, we set up the virtual coaching table to facilitate our own growth


Connections: What's as refreshing as meeting like-minds who are ready to inspire and support you?

$2,000 VALUE

Creative tools & templates: Playbooks, templates and directories so you can execute fast

$3,500 VALUE

Cool opportunities: Media features, referrals for speaking engagements, & 10% off our products

$15,000+ VALUE


Ready to grow your brand and become a known leader in your industry? Apply to Join ShowUp Circle

Normally $499/yr, but we have a payment plan where you can make two payments of $275. We accept applications in a first-come, first-served style.


Save $51 when you pay in full


Learning, Connection & Transformation all in one-place

  • Become a known leader in your industry
  • Increase your impact and influence: Reach more people
  • Attract premium clients

Accountability Built-In.

No more false starts! We built this so that you can learn, grow & stay inspired to keep going.


team up to invest in their growth.

Your Host

Tolu Michaels

There comes a time in your life when you decide to show up for life and there has to be a way to do it without changing who you are. Right? Right!

If you know me, I'm an introvert and naturally anti-hype. I'm also a best-selling author and successful strategist, serving premium clients from across the world.

By premium, I mean they pay well yes, but also they are best-behaved human beings who challenge, inspire and refer me all the time. Opportunities call my name even when I'm not looking and I often pass some of them unto other people in my circle.


That's what I want for you.

There's no point sitting here wishing someone did that for us. It's time to do it for others. There are many people who need your help and if you keep hiding, they will keep suffering.

But how do you become that type of person? The one who influences others and shows up daily? 

That's why I created The ShowUp Circle.

In the circle, you'll connect with others, learn more about yourself and transform from hidden jewel to household name. My job is to provide the learning experience and facilitate the connection. Transformation will take care of itself.

This kind of transformation takes time. When you want to make such a change in your life, you need strategy and community - not just any community, though. You want a community of people who get you and who get what matters to you.

As you can tell, I didn't start out to become an "expert" or "influencer." I just wanted to help people, and earn more money so I could support my family. I was broke and tired -- talented, but broke.

Like anyone else, I had to LEARN how to start, create content and digital products, reach more people, sell online, and become recognized.

You may be wondering WHERE do you focus? HOW do you align everything you're doing? HOW do you get the ideas out of your head and in front of the world. What should you put on your website? How do you launch products? What emails should you send, and how do you gain REAL MOMENTUM growing your brand and creating content that sells?

Maybe you're afraid of trying the wrong thing and looking dumb... and that's okay.

Maybe you're tired of all the tips and tactics contradicting themselves... and that's fine.

Maybe you're even skeptical about buying information online... it's also okay.

What is not okay is for you to stay stuck or see someone who has the heart and the credibility to help you, and then, turn it down.

I've been rooting for you from day one. I'll love to show you how I've built a kind audience, launched profitable products, a bestselling book and sold high-ticket packages as a full-time mom, who doesn't even live in a popular city. If you join us, I'll show you how.

Why they love TM

Oluchi Ihekuna


Let me get it out of my chest first, I LOVE YOU! Thank you more especially for showing up and rooting for me. I started the Content Kit program and it was such a vibe! Then, the Copy Jewels training! Whaaaaat??? It was funny, relatable, and authentic. I caught myself reading it in your voice. It is like a "Copy Bible" and I intend to treat it as such.

Grace Samuel

The Bride's Assistant

I love how you are so precise on the steps to take. I look forward to spare moments so I can listen to your course and take immediate action. You've encouraged me to believe more in myself and what I have to offer. You are indeed the Personal Brand Strategist every entrepreneur needs to build and launch them and their business to the world.

Olubunmi Obanise

Home organizing Coach

Tolu is such a fantastic, reliable, smart, and articulate coach. She made the bumpy journey look so simple and easy to ride on. I have met quite a number of coaches, but she is one with a huge difference. I’m so happy to call her my coach. Thank you TM for your time, patience and the safe space you provided for this journey to be a reality today.

I'm ready to join The ShowUp Circle

Who you'll meet here

The truth is, we don't want everybody to join us. We only want people who have decided that it's time to show up and make a difference. People who want to make more money and more impact, without losing their kindness.

We're choosy like this, primarily for 3 reasons:

You will teach

We'll challenge you to share your knowledge. We'll make you a guest expert at the bi-monthly "brand hour". We'll recommend you for speaking events. We can't do that for just anyone.

You must win

Listen, it's a lot more lucrative for me to work with individuals one-on-one, in the VIP package. If we'll both commit time & effort in a group setting like this, you must win. Period. 

Your results are necessary

Think about it. We want you to reach and help more people. We even want you to invite them to join us. But will they listen to you, if they don't see results in your own life?


If you're naturally allergic to hype and noise, it may be difficult to become someone who "puts themselves out there." But if not you, who then? You only need to do it for the right reasons, and with the right support system. That's why we're here for you. But should you join? 


  • You already have an idea of what you'll like to achieve. You have a brand or business or nonprofit you've started working on. 
  • You're ready to attract and grow a smart audience
  • You don't mind learning alongside others 
  • You want to grow your influence so you can get better opportunities to help more people
  • You want to grow your income without feeling like you're selling your soul


  • You have never thought about what kind of brand or business you'll like to build
  • You're trying to trick people by selling what you know nothing about. I operate my business with integrity and require the same level of integrity from my clients.
  • You think influence is a bad word 
  • You want to start tonight and make 6-figures tomorrow morning. Not here, please.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from Build & Launch?

Build & Launch is a 60-day program to build and launch your online business. It includes weekly group coaching and the curriculum is specifically to start or structure an online business. From choosing a business idea to pricing products, etc.

After this, you'll need to grow your brand, reach more people, and be seen and heard in your industry. That's where The ShowUp Circle comes in. In here, you'll learn accelerate your content, visibility, email list, launching, etc.

Is there access to Tolu Michaels?

YEs, that's me. In the circle, you can have direct 1:1 communication with me or with anyone else in the group. At the group calls, we also host live Q & A. 

What if I feel stuck or overwhelmed?

Procrastination, Fear and Overwhelm are part of the terrain. It happens to the best of us. The way to combat it is to plan for it. I get stuck. You get stuck. It will happen. The question is whether you'll stay stuck. If you don't have people who can root for you or fuel you when you feel any of these, get in here now.

What can I expect to learn?

Courses include Content that Sells, Secrets of Natural Networking, Visibility Accelerator, Profitable Launching, Building a 6-figure Email list, and more.

No matter what your niche is, or your level of experience, The ShowUp Circle is where you'll learn what strategies are working today for growing your brand.

Why do I have to apply?

Honestly, this one's for you! First, it helps you think through what you're trying to achieve. 

Secondly, If you’re going to be learning, connecting and rubbing ideas with a group of people, you’ll like to rest assured that I took my time to look through before letting just anyone in. It’s a simple application, we don’t even ask how much you’re making. We just want to know who we’re dealing with and what you expect.

How is this different from Personal Branding Workshop?

PB Workshop is a 3-week program to give you clarity and confidence. What should I build my personal brand around? What are my personal stories? What is my key message? How should my brand look? How can I build an online presence? How should I introduce myself? That is Personal Branding Workshop.

After this, you'll need to sustain your brand, grow your network, and become a go-to person in your industry. That's where The ShowUp Circle comes in. It's a 1-year membership for people who show up :). You'll turbocharge your content, visibility, email list, launches, etc.

Is there a WhatsApp or Telegram group?

The people in The ShowUp Circle already lead full lives - some have 9-5 jobs, thriving online businesses, some have young kids. We need meaningful connection, not mass communication. So, we won't be using WhatsApp or Telegram. We have our own community platform where you can message anyone or post for all to see, but it's a choice. That way connection is deep, useful, and it's by choice. Very important difference!

What do I expect to get?

Access to all my current and future courses, Quarterly group coaching events with me, bi-Monthly "Brand Hour" spotlighting YOU or another Member, Features on my podcast and other platforms, Make connections that are worth more than the entire cost of the program, and a special monthly surprise (watch out for that one).

How does the Payment Plan work?

The ShowUp Circle costs $499/year, paid at once. However, we currently have a two-time payment plan. You can make two payments of $275 monthly. If you take that option, you pay $275 now, another $275 next month, and that's it for the year!

What if I’m subscribed to another membership?

That's ok. This community is solely focused on growing your brand? This is not a “business success community,” “wealth club” or even a generic “empowerment tribe.” The focus here is really focused. We want to help you get recognised for your work, reach a larger audience, and attract premium clients. In short, when they mention top 10 people who do what you do, we want your name to be mentioned. That’s our focus here. The question is are you ready to show up and become a go-to leader?

Imagine Yourself

  • Growing your audience daily
  • Launching products and services without tears
  • No longer struggling to create "perfect content"
  • Receiving Thank you notes from friends and fans you've inspired
  • Surrounded by other go-getters who get you
  • Winning the mindset game to show up daily 
  • Speaking on important stages and being featured on podcasts
  • Writing more engaging posts in half the time
  • Earning more while doing less because you're working smarter, and not just harder
  • Being the #1 go-to person in your niche

Tolu helped me show up and mean business. She gave me pep talks that led to a mind reset, and constantly reminded me about how good I am at what I do. She showed me possibilities and gave me clarity at different stages. In fact, sometimes, she’d say: 'Don't you dare charge less than $xyz for that!'
Despite how multifaceted I am as an author, film maker, coach, and pastor, I've been able to position myself as a market leader in my industry, and have become one of the top book writing coaches on the continent. I not only started to make more money, but also record better results when I began to attract premium clients. This year alone, my work has been featured on various international media platforms, and several of my clients have become authors.

Laju Iren - Book writing Coach

Within a year, I have made a side income of 5 figures from my business, helped over 200 young professionals to prepare for the PMP exam and enrolled 50 students in my program. Tolu’s materials are a breath of fresh air and she helped me stretch myself! I have watched myself grow. I have done things that would have just been "wishes" or "dreams". I don't limit myself anymore, and my mindset has grown. Now I know how to present my work with clarity and price my packages with confidence. 

I am able to share my knowledge with others and actually be a blessing. I'm doing all these while working a 9-5; serving as a leader at church as well as being a wife and toddler-mom.

Ogaga Johnson - Productivity & PMP Coach


What I had struggled with for months came to an end immediately I spoke with Tolu.

I connected with her definition of my brand as it spoke to my heart. There was no technical jargon or trying to sound snazzy. She used words true to me as a person.
Engaging with Tolu’s content has helped shape my writing. Instead of using big words, I think and write in plain sentences now. Not only has my content improved, our conversations about my personal brand have helped me set up an online community for unmarried women as I became clear on what I stood for. There's something special about coming into the space of someone who knows their stuff. Tolu knows her stuff and her work has helped shape my work.

Bunmi Oduah - Relationship Coach

Join Us NOW

While you were reading down this page, we already drafted a cool opportunity for members. They are already highlighting their goals for next year. As with most things that are important in life, waiting till you feel ready to start is a waste of your time and in the long-run, money.

"Even if the world doesn’t need more information, we need more perspectives. We need better examples and more relevant voices. Like Yours."

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