Clarity is Exciting!

There's a difference between being an expert and being seen as an expert.

Let's sit together to clarify your message, captivate your audience and make you some money.

At this point in your journey, random tips and tricks cannot be your strategy.

Clarity alone is powerful for progress. Add the right strategy, and you'll attract the right audience to your personal brand, get them to stick around, buy from you, and tell the world about you.

Exciting, right?

Private 1:1 sessions with Tolu Michaels

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If someone doesn’t see your worth, they’ll shop around, they won’t trust that you can help them and they definitely will not buy from you. We can't let that happen!


Get Clarity

45min Clarity Session

Quick Clarity for your Now Goal

Building and monetizing your personal brand sounds so simple until you have an immediate goal and you don't even know how to start.

 "What should I do first?.." "Where do I focus? .." "I don't have a compelling story.."

Not a problem! I'll help you get the clarity and confidence to move forward. 

Bring any question you're too embarrassed to ask or frustration you may feel. I love to help you. 


Get Clarity & Strategy

90min STRATEGY Session

Actionable Strategy for your Next Move

After 100s of clients, I've realized that entrepreneurs who buy my strategy sessions have their eyes on one of the following:

  • I want Brand Clarity, so I can know how to position & package myself
  • I want to Build a community and loyal audience of potential clients
  • I want to Launch a profitable product or service that attracts quality clients
  • I want to Create compelling content that increases my visibility & makes people buy

Whatever your desired move, you'll leave this session armed with your own roadmap and recommended tools to reach your next level goals.


Before talking to Tolu, I felt all over the place with my personal brand and I wasn't sure how to weave in all my interests - personally and professionally. 

Tolu helped me gain clarity, confidence, and shared insights on how to monetize my skills.

I had also been confused about what to name my brand, and in less than a minute, we settled on the most suitable name.

Now, I have more clarity and focus. I'm also a lot more confident and excited about my work.

Also, I had the confidence to articulate my thoughts and own my narrative at a crucial interview because of this session.

Tolu, I’d be forever grateful knowing I put my best foot forward because I had you in my corner.

Wamide A.

Strategy & Business Transformation Manager


I booked this session because I had decided to take my place as the leader that I am and define my vision. I've always known that there's more to me but I had hidden behind my business brand. 

I loved how you carefully asked questions, listened, made sense of all my ideas and proffered solutions which were in exact alignment with my vision. It felt like you were a messenger from God reading my script to me and propelling me to see what's ahead of me.

I love that you weren't pushy about your opinions and kept a positive demeanor throughout. I loved your honesty and the entire process from the point of booking till after the call.
For starters, this session has helped me to finally change my bio description across all social media platforms to a concise statement I love.

Yagazie E.

Founder, GazMadu Studios

This could be YOU, after our session:

  • You communicate what you do with 100% clarity and authenticity
  • You attract a community of quality people who are your ideal clients and target audience
  • People write you with Thanks and Prayers because of your huge impact
  • You're invited to speak at events & feature on podcasts because your value is clear
  • You no longer feel scattered. so you effortlessly create targeted content, anytime
  • People are willing to pay more for your time because you're the obvious expert

Your NEXT Step



45 minutes to tackle tough questions and get you unstuck

  • Private (1:1) 45 minute session
  • Personalized recommendations
  • The ultimate personal branding checklist


90 minutes of clarity and actionable steps for your next move

  • Pre-session clarity pack
  • Private (1:1) 90 minute session
  • Custom strategy & templates
  • The ultimate personal branding checklist
  • Personal brand positioning workbook

There’s something about just getting into the space of someone who knows their stuff. Tolu, you know your stuff.

The way you take time to make things clear to me about my brand and how to move things forward is just special.

Thank you for being patient with me, especially when I don’t get it or I'm struggling to get into the head space for what you are asking of me.

I would recommend you over and over again. I am so grateful for our paths crossing.

Bunmi Oduah

Author and Founder, Things I wish I knew Before


Before this session, I wasn't sure which of my numerous messages to launch with or whether to even launch a personal brand at all.

You reaffirmed a lot of things about myself that I have denied over the years and practically re-told me the story of my life.

Your simplicity and realness made the difference. I felt very comfortable sharing and being vulnerable with you.

Your materials are practical and straightforward. I got clarity and felt so much joy inside after our session.

'Ade Olowojoba

Managing Partner, NerdzFactory Co. / CoFounder,


Here are answers to real Qs people have asked

How does the Clarity session work?

Once you make payment, you'll land on my calendar where you can select your goal, choose a time slot that works best for you, and schedule the session.

They are one-off 45 minute sessions, and there's a lot we can achieve in that time.

To maximize our time together, have all your questions handy, and identify problem areas you want to discuss ahead of the session.

At the chosen date, show up ready for a game-changing time laughing and exchanging virtual high-fives as we experience breakthroughs with your personal brand.

How does the Strategy session work?

Once you make payment, you'll land on my calendar where you can select your goal, choose a time slot that works best for you, and schedule the session.

To maximize our time together, we'll send you a pre-session clarity pack so that we can both do any pre-work, brand audit and reviews necessary to make the best of the 90 Minutes we'll spend together.

At the chosen date, we'll have a game-changing time laughing and exchanging virtual high-fives as we experience breakthroughs with your personal brand.

You'll leave with clarity, custom strategy you created during the session and some of my personal templates to help you sustain the progress.

Two weeks after the session, we follow-up via email to see how you're getting on. More about this, here 

Can I have a multiple-session arrangement?

Yes you can, but please book a clarity session above first. That way, we both have enough room to determine a good fit for customized support and engagement, going forward.

Can you teach me about Personal Branding in this session?

No, please. I'm unable to cover such a detailed topic within a few minutes. Check out my membership experience, SHOWUP Circle where I do justice to the subject of profitable personal branding. 

Topics include: Defining your brand message, designing your brand identity, rapid content creation, and building your audience.

It answers questions you may have like:

  • Where do I start with Personal Branding and how do I know if I'm on track?
  • How do I put myself out there?
  • How should I talk about my work?
  • What is the right way to grow my brand online?

If you need the steps to build, grow and maximize your Personal Brand, you'll love SHOWUP Circle.

Can I trust you?

Yes. When it comes to purposeful and profitable personal branding, I'm your girl.

Also, I studied strategy at Harvard Business School, but I don't put that in your face because the principles I teach helped me bounce back from a job loss, and build a thriving business with happy clients who pay me a premium - before I even went to Harvard. 

I value your investment. I know what it's like to put money behind a service you believe in, and it would be my honor to guide you to show up as a leader and stand out in your industry. Most importantly, I want you to succeed. 98% of my clients have never seen me before. If they can trust me, you can.

I have other questions.

Not a problem! Shoot a mail over to We'll be waiting with answers 🙂