Exclusive VIP Week

Personalized strategy on how to build and launch your personal brand

With VIP Week, I help successful women launch their personal brands by building their personal brand websites and creating their first product/event.

You're in the right place

especially if:

  • You're highly experienced in your industry but your personal brand doesn't reflect this.
  • You want to transition from your 9-5 into a business that gives you freedom
  • People ask for your advice a lot, but you have no system in place for them to pay for it.
  • You've had false starts with personal branding - so many ideas, but very little execution.
  • You're ready make larger impact or recurring income with your personal brand. 
  • You need expert guidance from someone who gets you, and can interpret the brand you’ve been trying to create.

Rent my eyes, ears, and brain for a week.

Your mission is to build a purposeful and profitable brand.

I'll partner with you to streamline all your ideas, design your custom strategy and hold you accountable so that you can launch quickly.

Here's some of what we'll accomplish:

  • Get clarity over your brand story, ideal client and brand positioning
  • Design a perfect first product that your ideal, paying client can't wait to buy
  • Create a content strategy to position you as a go-to expert in your industry
  • Build a personal website so that you can impact lives and make money while you sleep
  • Activate a launch calendar to grow your email list and sell your first product/event

Oh yeah! The success you envision is possible and a lot can happen in one week


Launch your personal brand in a week, instead of months..

Before VIP Week

Two weeks before VIP week, we’ll have a take-off session to outline how you’re going to get maximum return-on-investment from our time together. I'll send you a bit of homework to do before VIP week, plus any templates, you may need. 

During VIP Week

During VIP week, we'll have a private chat room, THREE virtual strategy sessions and ONE session of reviewing your personal brand website together. We would do this review through a comfy virtual meetup, sharing our screens and laughing heartily. 

After VIP Week

We'll complete work on your website and you’ll get unlimited email support for an additional 30 days after VIP week. You also get access to our Client Training Library so that you don't need to pay someone every time you want to tweak your website.


Here are some of the accomplishments you'll proudly tick off your list:

  • Identify your profitable niche
  • Nail your ideal paying client, and speak their language
  • Clarity on how to position yourself as the best in your industry
  • Craft a signature brand story that resonates with your target audience
  • Design a profitable digital product your audience can't wait to buy
  • Align your social media platforms with how you want to be seen
  • Own a personal website that is the HQ of your personal brand
  • Set up your email list
  • Map out the sales funnel for your first product
  • Create a content strategy that makes people want what you sell

PLUS a few surprises here and there..

Imagine what could happen

VIP Week is designed for you to get the clarity and confidence necessary to show up with the best of you, increase your income, and create larger impact. You’ll actually be that expert that people know, love, and trust. And you know what that means:

  • Invites to be on podcasts
  • Features in publications
  • Invites to speak on global stages
  • Awards and recognition of your work
  • High-quality clients who can afford your offers

You're the star of the show, I'm your secret weapon

Careful strategy, Thoughtful design & Compelling messaging

Tolu Michaels

Most people only understand personal branding in terms of logo, photoshoot and networking. But we both know it takes more than that to get people to notice, trust, and pay you. You need Careful strategy, Thoughtful design, & Compelling messaging. And that, is my specific zone of genius.

Because of my experience in digital marketing, copywriting and website creation, I'm able to provide strategy, recommend tech, and oversee execution. I built a 6 figure online business from scratch so I know exactly what it takes to convert strangers to buyers and loyal fans.

My clients love the fact that with me, they don't have to work with different experts who only tell you what to do, but can't show you how to do it. I apply the same skills and knowledge I use to earn income automatically and train 1000s from my website monthly. My mission is to help you show up with the best of you so that you can create wealth, and impact lives.

Ready to Decide? Let's start with a discovery call


Tolu worked her magic on my personal brand website and within 5 days of launching, I got my first one-on-one Client. The lady specifically said the website showed her I'm the right person to talk to. Tolu made it happen and I must confess, I love her work and appreciate her good advice about content and pricing. Because of you my website is buzzing with subscription for online course and bookings for my one on one consultation.

Bola Adefila 

Creator, The Profitable Manufacturer Program


Tolu is a superhero! She breaks down complex concepts into simple actionable steps you can understand and do by yourself. She is a one-stop shop for all my personal branding needs. Working with Tolu saved me time, money and stress. She makes personal branding a breeze, and now I spend less time worrying and more time doing what I love and serving those I'm called to.

Remi Makanjuola

Founder, Grace To Parent

Is VIP Week for you?

My clients get results quickly, mostly because I prioritize clear communication. I can't say Yes to everybody, and neither can you. Please read below to see if we should work together.

YES if:

  • You are actually good at what you do
  • You need personalized strategy on how to package and launch your personal brand 
  • You want to sell your skill & expertise (eg. coaching, consulting, training, mentoring, books or live events.)
  • You are READY and able to make the investment necessary to increase your income and impact

NO if:

  • You're trying to trick people by selling what you don't know. I operate my business with integrity and require the same level of integrity from my clients.
  • You want to sell physical goods
  • You're not willing to invest in tools that will help you create the right systems
  • You're looking for a quick fix and expect overnight success


Our time is precious to both of us. That's why I show up 100% for my clients. I go all out and hold nothing back. But I also require you to be committed to your own progress and completely ready to TAKE ACTION.

Ready to get started?

It's time for you to finally build your brand, increase your income, and maximize your impact. Tap the red button above to book a free discovery call so we can discuss your vision and goals. 

Heads up - VIP week requires a 4 figure investment

You are in good company


There’s something about just getting into the space of someone who knows their stuff. Tolu, you know your stuff. The way you take time to make things clear to me about my brand and how to move things forward is just special. Thank you for being patient with me, especially when I don’t get it or I'm struggling to get into the head space for what you are asking of me. I would recommend you over and over again. I am so grateful for our paths crossing.

Bunmi Oduah

Founder, Things I wish I knew Before


You helped us meet our goals. We've recorded sales in Europe, other parts of Africa, and gotten publicity outside Nigeria. Working with you was a fantastic experience. You're a true professional, operating seamlessly with proper details through each phase of the project. My favorite part was your patience and listening attitude. You were open to suggestions and never complained when we had to go back and forth on the project. Your professionalism is top-notch and your work is amazing"

Ayomiku A.


How is VIP week different from your Build & Launch Program?

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What's the Investment for VIP week like?

I love how you do your thing. Can’t I just pay you to define my brand for me?

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