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No Content? No Problem!

The most successful personal brands know how to get their ideas across. That's why people listen, follow and buy from them. Now, you can effortlessly do the same!


This is your All-in-One Kit  for  Content Creation

Create consistent content easily (without the overwhelm).


Create scroll-stopping content that connects with your audience and leaves them asking for more.


Go from "I don't know what to share" to being consistently inspired and confident to share with your audience.


Experts don't start from scratch every time. You shouldn't either. You can have my swipes & templates. 

You can't Outsource This

The first thing people see is not your innovative product or sophisticated logo. It’s not even your customer service. The first thing that anyone sees in your business is your content. You know you can't leave that to chance.

What's Inside

Beautifully packaged within 5 modules of audio & video lessons (PLUS scripts & templates). You're about to learn:

  • Discover your content personality and use it as a leverage to stand out and shine effortlessly.
  • Get the copywriting jewels that will turn your content from boring to "take my money!" And YES, you can do this even if you aren't a master copywriter.
  • The 3 Key mindsets to win the game of Content. This is the foundation for writing content that turns browsers to buyers.
  • The framework for writing captions that allow you to make any request from your audience — to share, comment, or even buy — and they WANT to do it with delight!
  • Discover the content your audience wants to read and share
  • The 3 content seasons and tools for winning at each. Without these in your arsenal, it's no surprise that people are not buying.
  • How to get "natural inspiration" when you can’t figure out what content to create next
  • The 4-step process for turning content to cash. Why isn't everybody talking about this?
  • How to come up with interesting topics easily, including 100+ ready-made content ideas
  • And much more..

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You can't outsource your voice, that's why you need a toolkit that helps you create consistent content - fast & effortlessly - anytime and anywhere. This is that toolkit!

According to past clients...

Simple & relatable teaching

Tolu is undoubtedly blessed with the gift of teaching. She teaches so effortlessly and breaks the most complex topics into simple bits, explaining with concrete and relatable examples. This babe really knows her stuff 😀👌👏🏽

DUMEBI OTI  //  Co-founder, JustMovedToYankee

Templates that work out-of-the-box, you don't have to think.

My favorite part of Tolu's lessons is how easy they are to digest. I'm not the most creative, so having Tolu's templates is very very helpful.

LUCIA EJOH  //  Career Mentor & Tech professional

Speaking of Templates

Content Kit includes over 20 resources including:

  • Headline Formulas to title anything quickly
  • Storytelling Cheatsheet
  • Captions, Hashtags, and Calls-to-Action Guide
  • Topic generator for webinars, IG Live & Clubhouse events
  • Launch Content Cheatsheet
  • QC Mind Map to create 200 content ideas in 20 minutes
  • Content Bank: 100+ Content Ideas for Social Media
  • Get out of LinkedIn Limbo with specific LinkedIn power content
  • Content tools Directory
  • Exact Questions for Audience Research: Cheat Sheet
  • And more...

By the way, these are beautifully designed, well arranged, plug and play in 10 minutes. No overwhelm here, and use it as many times as you like. It's gonna be serving you for the next 9 years if you want.

You've got 99 problems, content can't be one of them!

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You also get immediate access to 3 Bonus Trainings included in your Content Kit, right away.


Copywriting TRAINING: The 4 Copy Jewels

Find and use the right words without overthinking. If your words can convince, you can sell anything.



Learn the exact steps to turn your fears and anxiety to fuel, instead of ignoring them like most people do.


Content THAT CONVERTS Masterclass

Start creating relevant & relatable content for social media, even if you're not creative or interesting.

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Make writing your content 10X easier and fun


You get everything above, PLUS my stash of 100+ content ideas (at no extra cost!)


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  • Create consistent content easily
  • Connect with your audience
  • Make people desire what you sell
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • 3 Bonus Trainings included for FREE


Ever heard of relatable magic dust?

It was like magic dust

Tolu, it was like you threw me magic dust. I'm excited to have a toolbox I can work with anytime. I loved it! It was simple, clear, catchy, and I'm now so confident about my content. It's doable for me!

TONYE OYE  //  Special ED teacher,

Funny, relatable & authentic.

Let me get this out of my chest first! Thank you so much for this opportunity to grow and show up for my purpose. I started the Content Kit program and Copy Jewels training was a vibe! Whaaaaat??? It was funny, relatable, and authentic. It is like a "copy bible" and I intend to treat it as such.

OLUCHI I  //  Health care professional

GET INSTANT ACCESS to Content Kit today

TOLU MICHAELS  //  Personal Brand Strategist

If you're going to learn about content to grow your business, you should learn from someone who's seen a lot — someone who’s created content that consistently generates thousands of dollars, for multiple products in competitive categories.

Over the course of my career, I've ghostwritten books, created social media content, written sales pages, website copy, and sales emails in several niches.

Now, as a Personal Brand Strategist, I help visionaries like you get known for the amazing work they do, reach more people with their message and attract dream clients online.

I created this program to help you create engaging content that moves your audience to read, click and buy  - effortlessly. You'll get my personal templates, content ideas, and my all-star content planner included!

Tolu Michaels

Here's why people trust what I create

build & launch-steve-harris

Amazing & Compelling

Tolu is one of the best copywriters I know. She's incredible and she knows how to help you communicate the value of your business to your clients using amazing, compelling content that converts.

STEVE HARRIS  //  Life & Business Strategist

Not only has my writing improved

Engaging with Tolu’s content has helped shape my writing. Thank God for her Content Kit course! Instead of using big words, I think and write in plain sentences now. Not only has my writing improved, but I've become increasingly clearer on what I stand for. Tolu Michaels, is such a gift to me. Her work has helped shape my work.

BUNMI ODUAH  //  Author, Teacher & Relationship Equipper

Now, you can finally...

Produce content that makes you look like you know what you’re doing - because you do

  • Write more engaging posts in half the time.
  • Quickly come up with content ideas anytime without "waiting for inspiration."
  • Get more people to comment on your posts, open your emails, and buy from You.
  • Stop struggling to create "perfect content"

I don't fear content anymore

A concept that I finally grasped for the first time is your incredible approach to content. Your materials have improved my content. I don't struggle to create content because you opened my eyes to see it. I am not perfect but I don't fear content creation anymore.

Tabitha Arenson  //  Founder, VirtuousPads

The replies and engagement.. My goodness!!

While listening to the course video, I got inspiration for a newsletter. My goodness! One-hour after, the replies, tweets and messages I've gotten have been overwhelming. My heart is full. I always knew I could write, but this... Thank you TM!

GRACE SAMUEL  //  PM Leader & Wedding Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not good at copywriting?

How does Content Kit work?

What if I don't have time?

When & How do I get access to the material?

Do I need to be available at a specific time?

Is this for people like ME?

Look! If you're misunderstood, boring or uninspiring, your ideas will be ignored - even if they are good.

Content Kit solves that problem. You'll be understood, you'll get more recognition, and most importantly, your customers will listen and buy!

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