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Tolu Michaels; Author & Personal Brand Strategist

Hi! I'm Tolu. 3 things about me:

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    I rarely talk about myself in 3rd person
    Tolu helps I help modern entrepreneurs position themselves, package their expertise, attract quality clients and impact lives profitably.
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    I teach most of what I know for free
    That's why I don't have tons of courses. Instead, I commit to helping my subscribers, every single week. I'm an entrepreneur and I do sell things, but when I create something new, I give them (and you, after today 😉) the first opportunity to get a special price.
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    I don't do surface level fluff
    I go deep really quickly. #introvertprobs😄 One reason people stick around my emails is that they know I don't do surface level information. I like to share things you can actually use. Else, what's the point?

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