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Soon, you'll also reply my emails like this:

Hi Tolu!!! Thank you so much for your emails and FREE resources (trust me they've got me thinking about my business and asking a few questions). This is me really saying thank you for putting this up and have an amazing month ahead. 



This is by far the best email I’ve received from an influencer! Thanks for giving to the world Tolu.
You’ve won my heart!


I want to use this time to appreciate all your efforts towards making me a better person digitally. I must admit I have learnt a lot from subscribing to your mails. I'm really grateful to God for your personality and the desire to help humanity.


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Thank you, Tolu. You have no idea the value you've just offered for free. Thank you.


Thank you!
I love getting mails from you. I look forward to your emails


Thank you for this heart warming email.
Much love and keep soaring Tolu.


I think you're the best girl ever !!!! 😀
Do you know why I am calling you the best?
Firstly, you made your training free. 
Secondly, you're giving busy mums like us who missed the training the opportunity to watch this through a replay link.  So tell me why I won't call you the best.
You're a wonderful person I must say.


Dear Tolu,
Simply put, you are doing a great job. I've taken time to explore your website and newsletters time and time again. I am usually too eager to go through all the newsletters with your name, skipping other authors in the process.
I have some big names I subscribed to their newsletters but I found yours to be more interactive and informative.
I'm always fascinated with how you coin your words in the simplest form.


Thank you!
I literally was just on my bed thinking about how I didn't feel like doing anything even though I currently have a gazillion things to do. After debating with myself, I stood up and decided to open your mail first. This was just the right push I needed for tonight.
Thank you for always writing and sending these out, thank you! Have a lovely night rest.



Hi. I'm Tolu Michaels

I'm a Personal Brand Strategist and there are 3 things you should know about me:

  • 1
    I rarely talk about myself in 3rd person
    Tolu is a I'm a personal brand strategist. I teach entrepreneurs how to get seen, liked, and paid by happy clients.
  • 2
    I teach most of what I know for free
    That's why I don't have dozens of courses or workshops. Instead, I commit to helping everyone on my email list with what I know, every single week. When I do sell stuff, I also give them (and you, after today 😉) the first opportunity to get a discount.
  • 3
    I don't do small talk or surface level stuff
    I go deep really quickly #introvertprobs. One reason people stick around my emails is that they know I don't do surface level information. I like to share things you can actually use. Else, what's the point?

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