Hey! I'm Tolu 

Digital Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author, and Educator committed to helping you show up purposefully, persuasively & profitably, without losing yourself.

Hey! I'm Tolu 

Digital Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author, and Educator committed to helping you show up purposefully, persuasively & profitably, without losing yourself.

Here are 3 things I know for sure!


If people don't know who you are, they can't use your help.


If they don't like you, they won't listen.


If they don't trust you, they won't even buy into what you're selling.

Bottomline is...

How you show up affects what you're paid.

Here you are in an industry FULL of people who do the same thing you do and you’re trying to do the exact SAME thing they’re doing.

That don’t work.

To be Preferred, be different

And the most effective way to be different is to be you. Nobody can compete with you, at being you.

The more "you" you put into your business, the more unique it becomes.⁣

The more "you" you put into your business, the more you'll attract the right people...and their money.⁣

If you want help being more you in your business (and converting that to profit), that's where I come in.

My process is simple, but my results are solid:

You'll stand out, impact lives, make money, and literally be getting paid to be you.

I'll show you how to position yourself as an expert and package your message in a way that people want to say YES.

"Yes, I will buy your book." "Yes, I will join your program." "Yes, I'll hire you."

No matter how good you are or how hard you work, you must communicate your value in a way that COMPELS your audience to say "YES" - or else, your results will be limited.

This is the Part where I tell you a "grass-to-Grace" story

But I don't have a grass-to-grace story, and you don't need one.

(Yes, there was a time when I was broke and unemployed, but that journey led me here, so I don't see it as a cry story. Instead, I feel privileged to have gone through that. But I digress.)

If you DO have a true, cry story or a fancy mission statement, by all means - show off your fancy.

But you don't need to be fancy or famous before people respond to you. I mean.. that helps, but you can do without it. 

What you can't do without?: Clear messaging about what you do best and why you’re different.

We don't need your flashy logo, we need to know how good you are at what you’re really good at, and your street cred.

You don't need to change yourself, cook up a lie, or compromise your values. That's not a requirement for business success. 

Think about it: a business needs healthy, quality clients who pay well, trust your expertise, respect your time, and tell others about you. That's it!

Want to work with Better Clients?

Attract + retain premium clients (plus how to keep them coming back!)

Still here for the Story ?

You really do love a good story. Don't you?...

4 years ago, I suddenly lost my job. Also, I had just moved to a new city, so even though I had great skills, nobody knew me.

I was newly married, newly relocated and newly jobless. Here was I: unknown, unrecognized, and untrusted. (can we add un-rich?) 

PLUS I’m an introvert, so I couldn’t even small talk my way out of this problem. 😂

Today, I've bounced back from the job loss & built a thriving business. I earn more while doing less activities. I’ve trained over 20,000 entrepreneurs, we have clients in over a dozen countries, 1000s of subscribers, and recently, my book SHOW UP became an Amazon bestseller in multiple categories soon as it launched. ALL from the comfort of my home.

That's a good story to tell but it's not about my story. It's about what you too can do with a profitable personal brand:

  • Attract better clients
  • Save more money for your family
  • Fund and support causes you care about
  • Impact more lives with your message
  • Package and sell your expertise automatically

On the surface, not much as changed. (Okay wait. I'm now a mom. I make money while nursing my baby, playing Peekaboo, and watching Peppa Pig at the same time.)

I still don’t live in a popular city, I’m still introverted. You can say I’m still newly married ah 😉

But the one thing that changed is how I positioned myself. I knew I had to become visible online to the kind of customers who would pay the kind of prices I wanted to charge.

I also needed a way for them to immediately and automatically know I'm The One they've been looking for.

Personal Branding changed the game in how I've grown my income, the quality of people I attract, and even the opportunities I now access.

I’m now known for my work, by the right people who trust me, and I can actually sell anything.

No matter what you sell, you need to be able to do that. You need to give yourself this advantage and get to the point where people want to pay you for who you are, not just what you do.

In Their Words


Tolu is one of the best I know when it comes to messaging. She's incredible and she knows how to help you communicate the value of your business to your clients using amazing, compelling branding.

Steve Harris

Life & Business Strategist


You went above and beyond! Gave my book a stunning home on the web, branding advice, helped me clarify my message and even repackage my personal brand. It was way beyond business, you've been a shoulder and a sounding board. I can't recommend you enough.

Emem Nwogwugwu

Author, Parent Organizer

Random non-biz stuff !

  • I can't get enough of Coming to America.
  • I started my first business at 14, selling beaded jewelry to kids and phone pouches to their parents.
  • I think in equations. Blame it on my Engineering degree + 2 years of Investment Banking.
  • I enjoyed corporate life except the pointless meetings and having to convince someone to take days off. How about "My brain needs a reset"?
  • 'Read my first book out loud at age 3. I  still read everywhere. The first heated argument my husband and I had was about books. My Books!
  • I love pretty stationery and handwritten notes. If you ever see me in public, ask me to write you a note. I most likely will.
  • A cause that has my vote and support: Access to Quality Education
  • My fashion style is "Freedom". I can wear a blazer to sit at home, and wear sneakers to an office. Let me be!

"Purpose and Profit can sit in the same sentence"

- Excerpt from Show Up by Tolu Michaels

About Tolu Michaels

By the way, I rarely talk about myself in 3rd person but you know, this is the "professional bio"

Tolu Michaels is a digital entrepreneur and unapologetic people lover. She teaches modern entrepreneurs how to position themselves as valuable experts and leaders so they can impact lives profitably.

Tolu considers herself a Nation Builder and lays her building blocks by writing and teaching. She trains thousands of entrepreneurs and subscribers weekly.

Her bestselling book “Show Up” helps you create a profitable brand doing work you love, with clients you like.

She serves on the Board of Godlovers Fellowship, an organization she started as a teenager. She is also the host and creator of She Shows Up podcast.

Tolu's education includes Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Engineering from Covenant University.

As a personal brand strategist, she believes that personal branding should be purposeful and profitable. Through her digital programs, she has helped students and clients from several parts of the world get the clarity and confidence to show up online, communicate their value, and create a bigger impact with their work.

Tolu's favorite place is wherever she's cuddling with her family.

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