Your Expertise can transform someone’s life or business. It's time to maximize that!

I help you package and monetize your expertise through your personal brand website, so that you can reach more people and make more money.

You're a smart Visionary!

Your voice is valuable and you are so capable.

You don't need to have thousands of Instagram followers to have a profitable business.

You don't need 5 different products or dozens of clients to make millions.

What you need is for the right people to notice, trust, and pay you - automatically.

The single most important tool for making this happen is your personal brand website.

Oh and your website doesn't need to be the prettiest or most complex.

It just needs to do its job - convince people to trust and pay you, even while you sleep.

Here's how we could make it happen:

Work with me 1:1

Position as an expert in your industry so you can make a good living and impact lives, doing what you love. We'll lay the groundwork for all this in just one week. You'll get the clarity, confidence, and strategy to package your expertise into knowledge products.

Take my Program

Turn your skills into a profitable business. In my group program Build & Launch, you'll get clarity on how to position your brand, build your personal website, create a digital product, and launch your personal brand for maximum profit. All with my guidance.

Join my Workshops

Piecing together random tips and tricks is not a business strategy. Trying to figure it all out by yourself is even worse because you'll end up with a chaotic system and unpredictable income after wasting all your time. Hook yourself up with my training for real results.


Tolu worked her magic on my personal brand website and within 5 days of launching, I got my first one-on-one Client. The lady specifically said the website showed her I'm the right person to talk to. She made it happen and I must confess, I love her work and appreciate her good advice about content and pricing. Because of Tolu, my website is buzzing with alerts and requests for 1:1 consulting.

Bola Adefila 

Creator, The Profitable Manufacturer Program


Tolu is a superhero! She breaks down complex concepts into simple actionable steps you can understand and do by yourself. She is a one-stop shop for all my personal branding needs. Working with Tolu saved me time, money and stress. She makes personal branding a breeze, and now I spend less time worrying and more time doing what I love and serving those I'm called to.

Remi Makanjuola

Founder, Grace To Parent

Choose how to work with me


Here's how you'll know we should work together

Testimonials from past clients are nice, but I also asked a couple of my new clients why they chose to work with me, and here are some of their comments:

  • I'm tired of looking amateur and really need my personal brand website so that I can make more money and impact lives without talking too much all the time.
  • I don't want the headache of people who tell you what to do, but haven't even done it for themselves.
  • I'm tired of website designers who know code but don't have Business SENSE.
  • I need someone who gets me and can interpret the personal brand I’ve been trying to create
  • I want to earn more by doing less, and I see you (Tolu) doing just that
  • I love that you break down complex things in a way that shows you really care about the problem you're solving.


How can I work with you 1:1?

I'm not ready to make money yet. I just want to be seen as an expert

What platform do you think I should use for my website?

I really want you to build my personal website. Can you do that?

These people totally vouch for me


Tolu is one of the best copywriters I know. She's incredible and she knows how to help you communicate the value of your business to your clients using amazing, compelling websites.

Steve Harris

Life & Business Strategist


Tolu is a true wordsmith. She knows how to get into your head and give words to whatever you are thinking. She is fun to work with and very dependable. With her on your project, you have nothing to worry about

Gizi Ilondu

Author, The Chronic School Hater


My favorite thing about Tolu's teaching style is that she breaks down complex ideas till they become really simple and completely achievable. She's not only able to show you what, she also shows you how.

Gizi Ilondu 

Author, The Chronic School Hater


Tolu, you went above and beyond. You gave my book a stunning home on the web, branding advice, helped me clarify my message and even repackage my personal brand. It was way beyond business, you've been a shoulder and a sounding board. I can't recommend you enough.

Emem Nwogwuwu

Author, Parent Organizer