The most critical story you need to tell

The most critical story you need to tell

The most critical story you need to tell

The most critical story you’ll ever tell is your uniqueness story. It’s about your brand positioning. It’s about how you want your audience to perceive you and where you want to occupy in your audience’s mind. It answers the one million dollar question of why your audience should choose you.

It is obvious that you need to give your audience a reason to choose you. It’s a no-brainer that you should put your uniqueness out there. Because it’s very obvious, it is also very easy for you to take Uniqueness story for granted. If you do, you’ll be like hundreds of other impact-driven entrepreneurs who slide past this important foundation to spend huge money on logo design, web design and digital marketing.

Here are six ways your uniqueness story will save you stress:

  • Your uniqueness story gives you market differentiation

    Let’s just be honest: We don’t need another charity organisation. We can all come together to expand existing ones to have branches in different countries, or donate more money so they can do more. However, I bet that you are the answer to someone’s prayer. I bet your mission, products, or services provide a unique idea, meets someone’s desires and solves an unmet need. It is your unique story about this that will help you stand tall in the crowd. You just need to tell it.

  • Your uniqueness story cuts through the noise to bring your ideal client

    A clear, compelling story about your uniqueness helps you to efficiently and effectively reach your target audience. What you need is to be recognized at a glance. You want your audience to choose you. You want listeners to give you their attention. You want donors to partner with you. But the thing is, these people are daily bombarded with inspiration, marketing and sales messages at every corner. Other people want their time and attention as well. You were not sent to everybody, so instead of shouting to an empty room or to a crowd who doesn’t care about you or your mission, your uniqueness story cuts through the clutter by speaking directly to the people you intend to attract. In the midst of all this noise, your brand is seen and heard clearly by those whom you want to choose you.

  • Your uniqueness story brings you more money

    People don’t always buy the best product. They buy the product they understand the fastest. Contrary to what you may have been told, consumers want easy decisions. They don’t want to check out 50 organisations before deciding where to donate or buy. They want to know as soon as possible, who to trust and what to be a part of. Uniqueness stories trigger an emotional response from your target audience without them knowing. They feel things that make them want to say yes. The uniqueness you describe is what they are looking for. Use your story to push the right buttons soon as people meet you, and increase the likelihood for them to say “yes.”

  • the-most-critical-uniqueness-storyYour uniqueness story enables you to compete on value

    You need to compete on value, not price. Not even quantity – except you want to kill yourself. Competing on price can make you hungry, because selling without a reasonable profit margin = loss which is = hunger. Trying to keep up and exceed your competitor’s posts, blog, website, etc is competing on quantity and everybody cannot carry first in that thing, so calm down. Your competitor may have 20 years experience and 40 staff, so wait first, look at yourself, and think again. Whether your product/service is an exclusive item or consumed by the mass market, your uniqueness story gives you clarity about your specific value and tells your audience about it, so they can buy from you. I learnt about value from Steve Harris and here is what he said: “VALUE is determined by the VACUUM created when you’re not there. The smaller the vacuum, the smaller the value and the smaller the money you get paid.” Maybe you know what your value is, but do your stakeholders know? Most people have a value proposition, but no one does anything about it. Your uniqueness story contains a value promise.  The promise needs to be consistently communicated in everything your company does, from marketing materials to culture to user experience. Without a uniqueness story, all you are offering is vagueness. I bet you, know one buys or values that.

  • Your uniqueness story saves you much talk

    Why is the price so high? Why are the conditions so stringent? Why is this? Why is that? Sometimes, even when your value is known, you still need to justify your price. Your uniqueness story reveals how you have identified and compared your brand to the competition and their offering, and informs whether your strategy and pricing is strategic and justified. The clothing brand R1sixteen uses profit from her business to fund charities like Rice Bowls and Olive Blooms orphanage, so I’m happy to buy from her at a slightly higher price than competitors. And I wasn’t told this personally, she somehow found a way to include it in her marketing materials and social media page. I can’t guarantee that people will give you money just because you claim to be doing charity work. I must also add that R1sixteen is very generous and rewards repeat-customers. Anyway, back to the real question: is it clear to your audience why you chose those methods you use?

  • Your uniqueness story makes your copy, messaging and visuals more successful

    They say content is King. Digital Marketing is the new rave. Email Marketing is today’s buzz word. Let me ask you, how can you write copy if you don’t know your brand uniqueness? How can you talk or write about yourself, if you don’t know where you stand in the grand scheme of things? How do you design creatively without knowing what colors suit your brand personality? You really can’t. It’s simply impossible to communicate to an audience when you don’t understand your differentiating factor.

At the end of the day, brand experts will tell you that the foundation of building a big, visible, international,..insert your own adjective.. brand is to identify how you are different from all others. Beyond identifying your uniqueness, you have to tell it. People don’t buy your passion, they buy the problem it solves. But how will they know the problem you solve if you don’t tell them? You need to tell them. You need to identify, refine and tell your uniqueness story.

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