How to Outsmart Procrastination

I get great feedback from my consulting sessions, and I'm glad about that. One particular client noted that she liked how I did not let her procrastinate - by requiring feedback and checking in with her.

Her comment reminded me of my own struggle with procrastination.

You know, procrastination is actually just putting off something important to do less important things.

There are tons of articles out there talking about procrastination, including the science behind procrastination. So, I would not bother to tell you another history of procrastination or motivational quote on how to get rid of it.

Why do we procrastinate even though we know it is a destructive habit?


Sometimes, we procrastinate because we don’t even realize we are procrastinating. If you notice that you’re procrastinating, you can nip it in the bud. So, I thought I’ll help you identify procrastination by pointing out popular patterns of procrastinating behavior. You are welcome 🙂 . If you did not know whether you are procrastinating or not, here’s how to tell.

You have something important to do, but instead:

  • You’re walking around the room fiddling with your stuff
  • You’re pacing up and down, pretending to be thinking
  • Your attention span is zero
  • You decide that every single thing in the room has to be organized before you can work (that’s so me)
  • You suddenly think it’s time to reply every sms you’ve received in the past one month. If you are texting or writing thank-you notes, that’s cute, but if it’s not on your to-do list, you are procrastinating.
  • You are eating impulsively
  • See, it’s good fitfam behaviour that you finally decided to jump rope. But no. Do your work first and let that be the reward
  • You’re staring at the TV watching a show you don’t really like that much
  • You start telling yourself quotable quotes like “We have just one life”, “I can’t kill myself”, “This life is not difficult” Hmmmmm
  • You said you’ll work all night but there you are, generally not feeling like it
  • You’re suddenly concerned about annoying little things that don’t normally bother you (or maybe this is just a mood swing right?)
  • You rashly, suddenly, out-of-nowherely decide to pick a new hobby (The day I did this, I read about cross-fitting the whole time)
  • You start researching must-have apps
  • You suddenly decide to finish all those books you started
  • You actually, now of all times, decide to do your hair and make-up properly
  • You are reading the instruction manuals for your various gadgets
  • You love waiting for the next full hour; When it’s 7.51 you promise to start at 8.00 and when it’s 8.32 you set the alarm for 9.00
  • You are mentally miles away; at work, instead of working you are thinking about all the boring chores you need to do when you get home and at home, you are thinking about all the tasks you did not get done at work
  • …and other such symptoms hehe..

On  the journey to who you want to be, procrastinating hurts your productivity and hinders your progress. Kick it out of the way of your goals!

I hope you were able to recognize some of your patterns in this list. Let me paint my own procrastination picture, then maybe, you can do yours.

Me Procrastinating:

I would get up from the desk in my study, go to the fridge for no reason pretending to need something; I would look around Google Play store, reading about different apps; I would scroll aimlessly on Instagram, pretending to be entertained. I would arrange my shoes, organize my desk, or read through my journal. All to avoid the task at hand.

So, your turn, paint your procrastination picture;

You procrastinating:

Tell me in the comments section how it looks when you procrastinate. This is your homework


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