10. How to be Authentic without Oversharing

10. How to be Authentic without Oversharing

"How do I put myself out there without oversharing?"

In this episode, Tolu answers the oversharing question in her conversational, "teachable moment" style. You'll get a 3-second framework on deciding what to share, when to share it and whether to share it at all.

People think that when you put yourself out there everyone would know all about your personal life. But the truth is, people only know what you tell them.

Also, if you don't talk about yourself, you're leaving your story to chance. If you don't tell your story, someone else will. They may say tell the wrong story or emphasize the wrong message. 

So, you gotta tell your story yourself, and talk about your work in your own voice. But how do you do this without sharing too much information aka TMI? 

This episode shows you how to decide in a split second whether what you wanted to say was worth saying or whether you should keep it for later.

Personal branding doesn't force you to disclose things you don’t want to share. You have a choice, you have agency in this matter and you get to choose.

Highlights of this episode:

  • [1:46] 2 things to know about sharing your story 
  • [2:29] The importance of strategic self-disclosure 
  • [4:13] How to let your audience know who you are without oversharing 
  • [4:35] A little exercise to help you decide what or when to share 
  • [7:58] 3 questions to ask yourself before you make a post
  • [9:16] How to know when imposter syndrome is stopping you from sharing 
  • [10:08] How to use the KLT factor to your advantage

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