7. Doing Meaningful Work with Ota Akhigbe

7. Doing Meaningful Work with Ota Akhigbe

We're like gold mines, we keep discovering ourselves till we die.” Otaosese Akhigbe. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone is looking for meaning in their life.

They want to make sure their work serves a purpose. But how do you really pull that off?

Everybody’s self-discovery journey is different and unique. You'll love this conversation with Ota as she shares her journey to self-discovery and doing work that matters. She drops so many gems in this conversation, so please get your journal ready. 

When you create value for people, eventually you will get rewarded with income. It is inevitable!

You’ll learn:

  • How not to go on a self-discovery journey, and why there is no one-template-fits-all.
  • Navigating Hard work vs. Meaningful work
  • Pursuing your dreams as someone who is not a big thinker
  • How to stay financially empowered while pursuing meaningful work
  • Ways to handle the resistance around asking people to choose you.
  • Coping mechanisms to keep you going while you build your dream work
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