9. Accessing Opportunities in Product Management with Tobi Otokiti

9. Accessing Opportunities in Product Management with Tobi Otokiti

Today’s careers didn’t exist a decade ago, and the new job descriptions don’t even match what you studied in school. How can you show up for a career in tech right now? 

Tobi Otokiti, Product Coach shares her best tips for transitioning into product management, regardless of what you studied in school.

Continuing the conversation from the last episode with Tobi Otokiti, my favorite thing about her is how she has made a sweet cocktail out of her several skills and diverse experience.

Tobi shares her journey as a woman who wanted to work in tech, but didn’t know where exactly she’d fit. 

This is not a regular career conversation though. This episode gives you permission to test the waters, invest in yourself, and shine in your space.

You don't need to figure everything out at the beginning. Clarity comes and opportunities open up as you move.

Here’s a snapshot of what you'll learn:

  • How to prepare yourself for careers that don’t exist yet.
  • What to do before you make the transition into product management
  • Why volunteering is  a great opportunity to discover yourself
  • How to become a product manager
  • How to break into Product management without a tech background
  • Why your weird background is an advantage
  • And more..

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