6. Becoming a Bestselling Author with Laju Iren

6. Becoming a Bestselling Author with Laju Iren

There's a difference between writing a book and selling the book. Laju Iren, Bestselling Author, Book Writing Coach, and Filmmaker says you must see yourself as the CEO of your book for it to be a bestseller. 

We sit with her to understand what it takes to write a bestselling book.

Becoming a self-published author does not have to be a struggle. Your story doesn't have to be "I finally did it, even though it took me 10 years of sweating, climbing 7 mountains and crossing 7 seas, but I finally completed my book."

No, it doesn't have to be that way for you. So in this episode, we bring you the help you needed.

You don't have to know everything to write a book, but don't write a book you cannot sell.

Join our conversation and learn:

  • Why you're not weird if you ended up with a different career than you imagined for yourself.
  • How to decide what book to write first, especially if you're multi-talented.
  • How to know a book whose time has come.
  • The zero-cost way to validate your book idea.
  • The smart way to build an audience for your book even if you're starting with only 2 followers
  • Why your free content is not working 👀

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