Practical Steps to move forward in spite of COVID-19

How do we show up in times of uncertainty? How do we deliver our best in times when we cannot predict what’s coming next? Can we still “put our best foot forward” when everything is so hazy? YES!

In this episode, Tolu Michaels explores practical tips to move forward and stay relevant in spite of COVID-19.

No beating around the bush, these are unprecedented times and nobody could have fully planned for this.

When everyone is thinking about their health, safety and staring at increasing numbers of COVID cases, it might be tempting to shut down and freeze.

But I have to tell you: Freezing will only make it harder to move forward when you’re ready. Now more than ever, showing up and serving your audience is the best thing that you can do to move forward and stay relevant.

Whether you have a digital business, brick-and-mortar, or none of the above, I’m going to give you the guidance you need to keep going.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 4 things you can do even if you don’t have the bandwidth to create anything new.
  • How to stay visible to your customers
  • Tons of social media content ideas if you have nothing coronavirus-related to say
  • 5 ways to show up for yourself and for your business with a few baby steps
  • And some more surprising ideas..

Think about the people who are inspiring you right now.. the people whose posts you are still liking, the people whose work you turn to, the people whose books you read when you need your creative juices to flow. 

What if those people did not show up?  Whose material would you have used? What would you have missed?

The truth is that you do not help anybody by hiding, or shrinking right now. You don’t need everything to be perfect or spotless..

If you have value to give and a heart to contribute, that’s all you need.  

– Tolu Michaels

If you showing up is going to help just one person, then it is worth it”.


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